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Hello! Welcome to the A Street Music EDUCATION blog!

Don't take my computer or my coffee

For those not familiar with A Street Music, we are a multipurpose music store in Quincy, MA. Aaron Belyea is the owner, an excellent instrument repair technician, a top-of-the-line lesson room architect, and my voice of reason when my educational ideas fly too far away from practicality. I am Justin Stanley, the education director at A Street Music. In addition to scheduling, drafting endless letters, finding awesome teachers and blogging, I teach horn and trumpet at A Street. I’m also a horn player by trade.

Overlord Aaron

I have a bachelor of music from New York University, where I played horn endlessly in a number of music groups and studied with Joseph Anderer, a principal player in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Then I came to Boston to attend New England Conservatory where I should receive a masters degree in December. In the Music-in-Education program at NEC, I fell in love with learning how to teach myself and others. I coincidentally met Aaron while learning to repair instruments, and I year later I’m here at A Street doing what I love.

Now I’ll steer us away from tracing my own life. At A Street Music we’re committed to providing students with quality teachers and helping students keep quality instruments. Music is a powerful thing in education – it teaches self discipline to anyone dedicated enough to learn an instrument, math to anyone interested in rhythm or theory, and provides a method of self-expression and self-reflection to any one creating or listening to music. I’ll post soon with an exploration of concepts shared between music and our lives.

Right now we only offer music lessons (though with a staff of 17, we offer them for almost anything). We’re getting the word out to local schools and community centers, and our faculty will be getting together to put on interactive concerts. The first may be put on by my own trio, Wenham Street Brass. Two of us are A Street faculty. I’ve also begun to implement a research and assessment program – guided by Randy Wong at NEC – that will benefit students and teachers. As we grow, we’ll look into opportunities to form ensemble programs for our students in any genre.

These are just some subjects I’ll be exploring as often as possible on this blog. I’ll dive into discussions of music, music education and the shop, I’ll publish some conversations between faculty, and I might even sneak in some repair stories. But for now, I’ll end this with an excerpt from a conversation I just had with my overlord Aaron:

Justin: “I want this blog to have an element of humor, because there’s too much serious stuff goin’ on around here.”

Aaron: “You know what? All that seriousness is just because of you.”

Justin: ::cries::


About Justin Stanley, Teaching-Artist
I'm a musician and educator based in Boston, MA.

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