A Break for the Holiday and Faux Christmas Music

Hello blog readers! I do apologize for not being totally on the ball getting blogs out during December. A Street Music has been rolling along – we’ve enrolled new students, performed again at the Quincy YMCA (no photos this time, unfortunately), Aaron has been repairing instruments as fast as his hands allow, and I’ve been working hard on the assessment project I created.

The next blog to come from me, which wont be until the first week or two of January, will be pretty education heavy. I intend to outline exactly how we take accountability for what is being learned in A Street Music lessons. I’ve been interviewing students and teachers all Fall, and the conclusions I make from all those interviews will inform how we monitor and encourage student learning in the future. But enough of that for now!

More pressing news is that A Street Music is closing for the holidays. We will be closed from Christmas (12/25) until New Years (1/1/11), and will reopen with normal hours on Monday, 1/3/11. Aaron will be takin’ it easy on the warm beaches of… Japan? And I will have a white Christmas in the mountains of… Texas? No, I suppose we’re not taking very traditional Christmas vacations this year.

And on that note, here are two recordings from my recital. They’re not traditionally Christmas music, but they are beautiful chant-like pieces written by Igor Stravinsky for the Russian Orthodox Church. Enjoy, and have a happy holiday!

P.S. Listening to these pieces reminds me that A Street is really low on brass students. We have an amazing brass faculty that’s going to waste not teaching a whole bunch of students. It’s like getting a Wii for Christmas and then realizing that you don’t have electricity (a not quite perfect metaphor). So if you’re a brass player and you want lessons, come down to the store!


About Justin Stanley, Teaching-Artist
I'm a musician and educator based in Boston, MA.

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