Scholarships and Concerts on A Street

I’m back from summer break! I wasn’t necessarily planning on taking a break from the A Street Music blog, but summer is a time for change, vacation, reflection, and lots of music! Believe me when I say that we’ve been working hard this summer to bring more music to Quincy! I’ve got lots of things to post in the next month or two, including video from our June 2012 Student and Faculty Concert.

But the most important item on today’s blog agenda is our new Financial Assistance Scholarship. Due to generous contributions of money or instruments from Denis B, Alex B, Michaela N, Oanh P, Christine R, Ken M, and Granite Telecommunications, we were able to raise over $3,000 to provide free music education to students requiring financial assistance. We’re starting the program with fifteen free music lessons for two students who qualify for the scholarship. You can download the scholarship form here, or contact us at the shop ( to request the application. Thank you to everyone who donated!

On another note, Geni Skendo and Rachel Massey, two teachers at A Street, played with their friends at Concerts on A Street events this summer.  Geni came to A Street with Nandaiyo, his ensemble, and Rachel visited with Daniel Hawkins just a couple weeks ago when we opened the doors after-hours for some great art and music! Art by featured artists Chris Jones and Sharon Pierce will be hanging in the store until the end of August.

Below you can find clips of both concerts this summer! I hope to see you soon back at the blog!



About Justin Stanley, Teaching-Artist
I'm a musician and educator based in Boston, MA.

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