What We’ve Been Learning

Hi blog readers! I hope you’re all planning something great for Thanksgiving!

We’ve had our first three “Intro to Guitar” classes with Ken Freeman here at A Street Music. I, Justin, sat in on the class all three weeks to try to improve my own lowly guitar skills (I’m a French horn player by trade). We’ve had a great three weeks, focusing mainly on learning how to move between common chords in rhythm with proficiency. I’ve certainly been impressed with how quickly teacher Ken Freeman has helped me and five local teenagers use good technique to sound good together! I’ll try to post some notes about the class for you or the guitarist in your life to use after the class ends next week.

Our new space is working really well for us. In addition to rooms for group classes, we’ve hired four great new teachers in the last couple of months. Sarah Troxler and Ben Moniz I’ve already told you about. I’ll post soon about Sam Dearborn (voice), and Rob Megna (drums) very soon. We will also be able to have mini-student recitals here at the school, which requires space we simply didn’t have when we were in Quincy Center. If you haven’t come down yet to see the new place at 1 Elm Avenue, Quincy, Aaron and I would love to see you.

The last exciting thing for me to post today is our FREE December saxophone booster course. If you know someone between 11-14 who’d like to improve his/her playing before the holidays, let them know about this great opportunity with A Street teacher Beth Goodman! See below for more information.

If you’d like to keep updated about the other departments at A Street, including retail, repair, and education, sign up for our mailing list at http://eepurl.com/rXWQn. Look for a post here again soon!


About Justin Stanley, Teaching-Artist
I'm a musician and educator based in Boston, MA.

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